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is a space for you to open up and share your feelings about the climate crisis - anger, fear, grief, urgency, hope, motivation - and connect with others who feel the same.

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What is the significance of COP26?

The UN Climate Conference happening in Glasgow right now has everyone talking, wondering and worrying - and for good reason.

This is a critical moment to establish the next decade of climate action. However, while much of the conversation has been focused on decision-makers in closed-door rooms, there has been little thought for the people outside: many of whom feel disillusioned by "leaders" offering empty promises.

What is the Call Your Mother campaign?

Call Your Mother will offer a space for people to talk about their own climate feelings - fear, grief, urgency, anger, hope, motivation - and hear from other people about their own experience of "eco-anxiety", whatever that may be.

This activation will create space to see these feelings as critical precursors for action, as natural, healthy and necessary responses to the depth of the crisis - and show that while the climate crisis affects our mindset, our mindset also has the power to effect change for true climate action.

How does Call Your Mother work?

These are the real-time stories of resilience.

All text, audio, video, submitted for CYM will join the broader tapestry of people and planet to build sustainability (internal and external) around our powerful climate emotions, now and beyond the legacy of COP26.

Your video will be used to invite others to participate in a physical or digital space to record a message to Mother Earth. From November 1, this experience will be accessible to the world via QR-code, which will be activated through stickers and posters across Glasgow, as well as digital campaigns around COP.

More about FON

Force of Nature has spoken to thousands of young people around the world about how the climate crisis makes them feel; and how to channel those feelings.

We are a team of 8 members, with a community network of over 60 wonderful volunteers, a network of 1000+ students in over 52 countries, working with incredible researchers and using our social channels to promote the underrepresented voices of climate activists around the world. Our trade is in building community through hard conversations: seeing the vulnerability and emotion of young people as signs of strength, not weakness. We want to keep the conversation going at COP26.